Michael Heinrich Rentz (Nurnberg 1698 - Kuks 1758) - The greatest copper engraver in Bohemian Baroque


The festive opening of Rentz Museum in Kuks happened on 3rd May at 2 pm with the all afternoon program. Partcipated:

Prof. Ignác Antonín Hrdina, O.P. (House Blessing), Geisslers Hofcomoedianten (Kuks Christian Clock performance) Jiří Šerých (Rent's monographer and speaker), Francizska and Stephan Sweerts-Sporck (speakers), Simona Jindráková and Tereza Sedláčková (singers), Ondřej Macek (virginal),  Pavel Piekar (linotype exhibition Kuks Etudes), Václav Návrat (composer of Kuks on F.A.G.V.S. Theme and violinist), Jaroslav Tůma (virginal), Marta Töpfer (singer).




Beginning: September 2012

House Reconstraction deadline: March 2014

Musem, theatre stage and hermitages trail opened for public: May 2014


The project aimed to revitalize the listed National Monument in the heart of Kuks # 58  (1704) to faciíitate cultural offers for tourists. The result presents the triple touristic attračtivities based on the local unique history, culture and arts. The living museum houses rare books and copper engravings, period tools, printing press, selection of Rentz's enlarged prints, projections, and workshops for hand-made paper, wood carving, book binding and copper engravings.  The second Kuks mystery consists of baroque street theatre and music performances emphesized with newly open street stage (available via webcam) and the third point of the culture heritage triangle marks the trial along the six former hermitages in the neighbouring woods, including Braun's Bethlehem. Michael Heinrich Rentz (Nurnberg 1698 - Kuks 1758), Count of Sporck's Court Engraver fulfilled the same artistic role as famous Matthias Bernard Braun did in Bohemian baroque sculpture.  This combination purpously unveils the multi cultural, multi lingual and multi artistic links within the tiny baroque spa in Kuks as the living and inspiring contribution to the Europen cultural heritage.

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